Hi Thomas,

We’re not using Heroku for our CI step (we run our CI on CircleCI).

On CircleCI, we run the CI for the whole monorepo, meaning that even if there was only a change in one of the packages, the CI will run the validations steps on all the packages.

We’ve managed to parallelize this step, so today we have 6 jobs running in parallel in the CI: validation for 5 packages and one end-to-end test. It takes around 2 minutes.

For each package, we have a command that the CI runs, e.g. yarn workspace package1 validate. Inside package1’s package.json , the validate script does something like validate: yarn lint && yarn flow && yarn test .

For review apps, we don’t use them either (we try to have very short leaved branches that we can merge often and that do not contain a full feature. We use feature flags to hide under-development features instead). We just have one pipeline per app, with staging and production steps.

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https://laugri.com • Product Designer at Inato • 🥘🌱🏄‍♂️

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